ALCI is an ArcoLinux project.

By default we have the ArcoLinux mirrors and ArcoLinux keys.

If you would like to install packages from ArcoLinux you need to get the keys in and know where the mirrors are.

Since my Arch Linux system contains all the keys and mirrors from ArcoLinux and Chaotic I first remove them.
Then we start again from scratch.

Get the ArcoLinux Spices Application from the downloads page.
This is how we add the ArcoLinux keys and ArcoLinux mirrors.
If you do not plan to install any ArcoLinux packages you can skip this step.

Get the Chaotic mirrors and keys.
If you do not plan to install any Chaotic packages you can skip this step.

yay -S chaotic-keyring
yay -S chaotic-mirrorlist

Then we start building our ALCI iso.

Now you can make anything you want.

  • cinnamon with bspwm
  • mate with qtile
  • xfce with awesome

Here we made the following main choices:

  • sddm
  • plasma-meta
  • no ArcoLinux packages

Then we use the script to build the iso.

let us take a look at the result