In this video you can see all the things I have to do in order to get things working with the very last code of April 2023.

Many things have changed. Not only the application but also the configuration.

ArcoLinux and Carli have migrated already. On the Carli iso/website we have shown you how we did it there.

Let us record everything (scripts included) how I have created myself a workflow to create isos.

Content of the video:

  • background info about Carli/Alci/Calamares
  • editing of the PKGBUILD for Calamares
  • we build many videos
  • we push packages to our repository
  • we show settings of VirtualBox
  • we investigate why some errors occurr
  • we can install packages in the live environment to test something out
  • we had to do a “git reset –hard HEAD~2” – great tip
  • we look at scripts that we use
  • we talk about distro names – what to choose or what not to do