It is always easy (and fun) to start with a whatif.

What comes later is more difficult… maintaining.
Taking the time to keep things up-to-date.
Figuring out new challenges.

Read all you can about Calamares – make an account on their github and subscribe.

Every release they make – read what changed – read what is new.

Have a git clone somewhere on your machine and git pull from time to time. Read what changed in the code with git applications like gitfiend, gitahead, …

Instead of building the packages I take a shortcut and get the packages from ArcoLinux for ALCI. They are in /var/cache/pacman/pkg anyway.

Preservefiles is a new module – we want to use it. It provides a log file on the user’s system.

Use ripgrep (rg) to search in the content of files.

I did forget to add “preservefiles” to the very end (just before umount) of the calamares setting.conf file.

If you forget, the module will just not be loaded.

I have added also the switch “-d” behind the Calamares installer so that we get as much debugging information as possible.