We are moving the arcolinux-sddm-plasma-archpaint to the ALCI project.

We show you how that can be done via Github.

Lots of elements need to be changed. We do not want to keep any trace of ArcoLinux anywhere.

We show you how we will change the current ArcoLinux PKGBUILD to become an ALCI PKGBUILD.


Now we make some different decisions.

We will not install XFCE4 this time.

We will install Plasma-meta.

We will format in BTRFS and use the calamares-btrfs config for that reason.

We will use our new SDDM theme: alci-sddm-plasma-archpaint

Then we build our iso.

We test our newly created iso in VirtualBox.

We will change the look of the standard Plasma to what I like and change our SDDM theme to ALCI Archpaint.


Now let’s experiment with BTRFS and the following packages:

  • timeshift
  • timeshift-autosnap
  • grub-btrfs

I am certainly no expert on BTRFS so If there is something totally wrong, just tell me.