Simplify the Arch Linux installation with Calamares

Graphical installation of Arch

ALCI, which stands for Arch Linux Calamares Installer, is a project aimed at streamlining the installation of Arch Linux through the use of the Calamares installer. This method is especially attractive to users who consider the conventional method of installing Arch Linux, commonly known as “The Arch Way,” overly complicated or too lengthy.

By providing a graphical interface, the Calamares installer makes the installation process more user-friendly and accessible to a wider audience.

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What We Do

We teach you how you can build your own ALCI ISO

The educational value of ALCI (Arch Linux Calamares Installer) lies in its ability to demystify the process of installing a Linux distribution, offering a practical, hands-on learning experience for users new to Linux. It serves as a bridge, lowering the entry barrier to Arch Linux and encouraging exploration and understanding of Linux systems through a more accessible and less intimidating installation process.

Arch Linux

Keep as close as possible to Arch Linux. Nothing more and nothing less.


Follow the application Arch Linux uses to build the Arch Linux ISO.


Arch Linux uses the default Linux kernel. Why not explore the Lts, Hardened, Zen or Xanmod kernel.


The Arch Way

Let us give users a smooth way to ease into Arch Linux with a GUI installer.


Choose any desktop you want. Arch provides many choices.

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Click, click, click and the operating system is installed.

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